Dr. Parijat Borgohain

Ph.D. :Gauhati University

Research Interests:

Social Geography, Gender Geography, Population Geography, Geography of Tourism

Email: parijat_borgohain[AT]rediffmail.com
Joined the University in 11-September-2003.

Career Profile/Services:

1. Assistant Professor, Cotton College ( 11/09/03 up to 10/09/15 )

2. Associate Professor, Cotton University ( 11/09/15 up to present )

Administrative assignments within and outside the institution:

1. Information Officer, IIT Guwahati (07/07/97 up to 11/10/99)

2. Assistant Registrar, IIT Guwahati (12/10/99 up to 10/09/03)

Activities/assignments in the University:

Teaching and research guidance, Departmental representative of IQAC and Cotton University Women’s Forum