Environmenza- On-Campus Treasure Hunt games

Posted on: Jun 3, 2022

Overview of the Event:

Environmenza is an event initiated by the students of Department of Geography, Cotton University which arranges online or offline Treasure Hunt games in accordance with the celebration of World Environment Day. 

The game will be held On-Campus. The participants will embark into an adventurous journey to find the ultimate treasure that's hidden behind the aisle of numerous mind boggling and challenging mind games and tasks. Participants will face different obstacles on their course and the best and the fastest team to arrive at the last stage will be the winner of the 'Treasure Hunt'. 

Registration for this event is open till 4th June, 2022. 

Registration link : 


Email : environmenza@gmail.com 

For more details contact : 8638110932, 9577420644, 8638794363
Event Date : 6th June, 2022