News & Events

6th Annual Lecture Programme organized in collaboration with Cotton Geography Alumni Association
Date: Aug 19, 2023      Time: 10:30 am to 1.30 pm     Venue/Mode: Sudmersen Hall
Poster Competition on the occasion of World Environment Day 2023
Date: Jun 5, 2023           Venue/Mode: Department of Geography
Department of Geography, Cotton University in collaboration with Cotton Geography Alumni Association organized the 5th Annual Lecture Programme on "Sundarban Reclamation: What does the Future Hold in a Warming World?" by Prof. Sunando Bandyopadhyay
Date: Feb 27, 2023      Time: 1.00 pm to 3.30 pm     Venue/Mode: Sudmersen Hall
Talk on "AFSPA and Gendered Violence in Northeast India" Speaker Dr. Rituparna Bhattacharyya
Date: Feb 24, 2023      Time: 10 am     Venue/Mode: Room Number 311, MCB Building
Foundation Day lecture
Date: Aug 19, 2020      Time: 11a.m.     Venue/Mode: webinar
National Workshop on Research Methodology in social sciences
Date: Apr 1, 2019      Time: 9:30 AM     Venue/Mode: room no 311